Luke Nelson’s Two CLUTCH Buckets to Force OT vs INSEP!

Luke Nelson is on a bit of streak recently; first it was against Leicester, then Essex Leopards, and today INSEP were the latest team to see just how clutch he can be.

With only 14.4 seconds left and England down 4 to the French side, things were looking bleak – enter the 1995 born guard who hit two CRAZY buckets (especially the second one), to force overtime!

Fortuntely for INSEP however, Nelson and England couldn’t seal the deal and lost in the extra period…but with these two shots he definitely made a lot of people take notice at the NIJT!

  • JB

    That second one had too be the worse shot selection ever, but great shot looool

    • JJ

      Not really the ‘worse shot selection ever’, in that situation with only a couple of seconds left, a midrange jump shot isn’t too bad

    • Dusk

      We can talk about shot selection all we want. how about we talk about clutch

  • Chris

    Big shots, but he should have gone for another 3 and end it?! Instead of a tough 17 footer

    • Ben

      What kind of a comment is that to make n I bet your an arm chair judge just like a typical hating thing to say. Luke Nelson hit a huge shot with a defender all over him good on the young baller keep doing your thing n Chris go work on your game n leave the hating commenting alone

      • Dusky


      • Chris

        Jeeesus don’t bum the shit out of him, it was a small query and i already said it was a big shot, i’d get what i can in the same situation and a tied ball game is no bad thing. You need to relax

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