Luke Nelson DROPS Defender Before Dropping the Dime!

One more Luke Nelson clip from today against INSEP at the NIJT – check him out as he puts a defender on the floor before dropping the no-look dime to Kingsley Okoroh for the finish, and then later in the game has another defender touching the hardwood (and letting out a scream of despair!) as he splashes the J!

  • RJ

    Thats great….he nearly dribbled the logo off the ball….This is what basketball is all about….

    • Team was down, just over a minute and a half left…you want your best players to step up and take the lead. That’s what he did…the second shot in this video tied the game – and I assume you’ve seen the clip of the last 14 seconds; do you have sarcastic comments to make about that as well?

  • hood dogg back at ya

    next luol deng?

  • Honestjohn

    This kid can play …

  • Coach Mathews

    2 questions. I don’t mean to be rude but you upload clips of the games that you record on the same day but you haven’t uploaded the junior final fours highlights? It just makes me wonder! Which brings me onto my next question. There are other players that are as good and these England players but don’t get the attention because your only focused on them? I’m not putting the blame on you but you could help exploit other players out there, they need the help just as much as tyrell or Luke does. Ive never seen highlights on Reuben Tatham Nunne – London United Joshua Palmer- London United Nathan Hall- London Pioneers Stephen Robinson- London United Benjamin Knossi- Islington Panthers Erikas Jakstys- Islington Panthers Naglis Morkunas- London United Ries Pinnock- Barking Abbey. These players have the have talent to play on the next level but suffer from the insufficient lack if media and support to get there. If this is the supposedly ‘dopest’ channel in Britain can you try not to be too one sided.

    • Couple of things – uploading a clip is relatively easy and I can do it pretty quickly (I mark it whilst i’m recording so I can pull it out straight away when I’m editing), mixtapes take a lot longer.

      The Benjamin Nkossi clip was uploaded Monday straight after the Junior Final Fours – I didn’t do any other separate clips for a couple of reasons; 1) there wasn’t any worth doing separate clips for, and 2) I didn’t get into my hotel on the Saturday night until 9pm and needed sleep, then Sunday night I was travelling back so didn’t get back home until gone Midnight. The NIJT is finishing by 4pm in the afternoon which gives me a pretty decent gap to get stuff out in the same day.

      Continuing of the point that mixtapes take longer – the Junior Final Fours finished Sunday night, that was 5 days ago – I have over 2,500 clips to go through…whilst juggling everything else, this takes time (longer than 5 days – two of which I have been filming the NIJT all day). I would LOVE to get everything out straight after the event (doing things quickly leads to more views as people are searching for it around the time), but in my current situation it’s physically impossible!

      RE: players – I film as much National Team stuff as I can, obviously, because generally they are the best guys so are the ones with the most interest and best to film. As a result, yeah of course there’s going to be more stuff of them on the site, and I’m not going to apologise for that.

      I try to give everyone that deserves credit/recognition a bit of love on the site, but there’s one of me, I can’t be everywhere and I can’t cover everything. I know there’s going to be some guys who deserve some stuff that haven’t got it yet, but I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have available!

      Any time I have asked for help – volunteer cameramen or whatever else, no-one wants to step up, so right now this is the best I can do.

    • neil w

      Maybe if you have some footage or mixtapes of these players you could send them to sam and help bothhim and the players you mentioned

  • Glen

    Your first question is very valid, your second point is justified until you say things like ‘just as good’. Luke Nelson is exceptional by English standards – the other kids names are not as well known for a reason!!

    It does seem that Hoopfix wants to just focus on the ‘Cool’ kids!!

    • Hoopsfix not Hoopfix.

      Trust me, if a “not cool” kid dropped a defender and then made the assist they’d be getting a clip t0o. In fact, Kayode Dawkins, who isn’t on anyone’s radar as a NT player or whatever did a few weeks back:

      Everything I film that I feel people will want to see I upload. It goes without saying that people want to see the best kids, so of course, they are the ones I film more.

  • Sam

    Maybe once one of those guys hits a game winner, takes his team into overtime or does something people would want to watch a clip would go up? I play d4 and get like 5 rebounds a game why haven’t I got a mixtape yet? I mustn’t be cool enough I guess….

    • Yeah, this obviously plays a factor. If anyone does something worthy of a clip whilst I’m filming it will go up immediately. I don’t try to push certain guys over others, it’s just generally a lot of the same guys that will get highlights.

      At the Junior Final Fours there was literally very few highlights worth putting up.

  • Adam

    I still believe that having the ‘comments’ on this website is its biggest flaw – what does it achieve.

    • Because even though there are some frustrating comments, there are also some decent, interesting ones. It’s a two way platform that has conversation – I like seeing what people think about stuff, and a lot of other people do too – it brings back visitors a lot.

  • Adam

    No issue with that mate. I just have an issue with the people that criticise every single video, post, story, opinion…..

    Hoopsfix has more credibility and influence than our own governing body website – that’s why I feel that idiots comments should not be allowed on there.

  • Joe

    I don’t understand why people feel they can criticise what Sam does here! It’s his hobby and he isn’t employed by eb or fiba (that I know) so it’s up to him to he wants to promote/ support/ endorse. You don’t like it you make your own site book hotels and go film games and pt some time in, if not then you needn’t be commenting on this site negatively towards a guy who gives up his own time and keeps us updated on British basketball (quite well) if he only wanted to report about one player that’s his choice but there is good variety on this site from eb to bbl to Europe, not bad for a one man show. Thanks Sam!

    • Appreciate that, Joe.

    • Zach

      I’d second that. There is only so many hours in a day and so many days in a year – and in order to meet the ‘wants’ of the audience/mission of the site/best usage of Sam’s time – it seems to me that he is almost ever-present at all events of note. Obviously these deviate depending on your own priorities etc, but I’m sure there’s space for others to film and contribute material for consideration??

      Sam came down to watch/record our D4 Playoff game with Barking Abbey in March, which was cool as apart from the new FB group, there isn’t a lot of coverage of the lower levels. That said, as a D3 (D4 this season) coach – and with awareness of some of the junior scores – I would not travel to go watch some of that stuff on the ‘off-chance’ of something noteworthy. Yes, there are good players/teams/games/highlights at all levels, but do you guys want to see the 11yo nail a halfcourt buzzer beater from my local U12 finals? I suspect not… Keep it up, Sam

  • Jac

    Yo Sam – Just an idea, but maybe you could advertise to take on some interns this summer. I know this could turn out to be even more work for you, but I imagine there are a whole bunch of undergrads keen to get some video editing or sports reporting experience.

    To those complaining, send in an edited video of you kids making big plays and I’m sure Sam will post it up.

    Fully appreciate all your efforts.

  • Jerry

    Gotta agree with Coach Matthew, not fussed about when you bring your videos out. However the exposure thing isn’t cool.. You get a lot of highlights from these players because you seek them out, ie at westminster games as supposedely they have the best talent. If so they would have made the Final Four right? Check out all the england rosters, a lot of the kids are from the same clubs. There are players out there just as worthy if not better than these internationals that simply do not get the attention because they’re at smaller clubs.

    • Because talent always equals championships? Not the case at all.

      I honestly don’t think there are that many kids who aren’t on National Team radars that would be an upgrade on people who are on the squad lists.

      Rather than telling me I’m missing out on certain players – why don’t you tell me who it is you think I should be checking out? I have been suggested players to check out before, and if names keep popping up I will always make an effort to go check one of their games for myself.

      • Jerry

        Benjamin Nkossi- Islington Panthers, Erikas Jakstys- Islington Panthers… Terrel garcia wasn’t on any NT radar until he went to westminster, correct me if I’m wrong? How on earth was Rowell Graham named POY last year, he’s an athlete pure and simple.. No fundamentals at all, yet he was on the NT. Coincidence that he plays at Lewisham?

        • dpeti

          Always good to see comments such as this from such well qualified coaches.

          • Jerry

            Sarcasm lol?

  • roy

    I wonder how many people are sufficiently conversant with current technology, and computers in particular, to realize just how much work and effort has to go in to making and then continually updating a website such as this?

    Sam is simply a basketball junkie, like a few people I know (!), and when he graduated from university he decided to start this web site, with almost zero knowledge of what it entails to design and then maintain it. So almost everything had to be learned from scratch ( bit like fundamentals I guess!!).

    He has to travel all over the country to enable him to post the video clips, blogs, etc. and, let’s not forget that all this travel, hotels and so forth cost money. As does equipment, etc., he has to buy to help him improve the site.

    Sam does not get paid for this website, other than what he can manage to get from advertising etc. This, I suspect is not much and hardly allows a living wage..

    I might be wrong, but I believe that Sam runs this website full-time and does not have any other job that will provide him with income or possible pension etc. He set it up purely because he loves the game and wants to try and do what he can to improve its status in both England and Europe.

    I wonder how many others are as committed to the game as Sam is?

    Rather than make negative comments, even if they are not meant in that way, I would suggest that everybody can, in some way or other, help Sam to continue to promote English basketball.

    Without this help It is quite possible that Sam will not be able to continue and hoopsfix will be lost to basketball.

    I, for one, most certainly hope not.

  • Rick

    Damn exposure for lower clubs as islington would be good for the players but, yet again the national level is controlled by politics of the game, favoritism basically. e.g. Rowell graham england squad coached by bucknell, terrel just came westminister, plays for england and a couple other players. All i can say its that its more than tough to get exposed and respect from national coaches for them to select you because they already made there minds up on who they like and who they dont, even if the player isnt as good , but hes very close to the coach he will most likely get invited into the England camp or squad unlike other players from islington and harefield. Praises go out to Sam for doing his best and hopefully in the future, he will be able to focus on more than England players and maybe some talented players in unheard clubs.

    • LO

      Oh but you’re wrong… Ben Lawson, county player to England player in about 8 months. Same with Terrel Garcia, not because he “went to westminister” but because he KILLED it at Junior Regionals.
      You could equally argue that england players go to play for the best coaches, eg Dwayne O & Tamas O heading to Bristol.. Coincedence the best coaches are England Coaches.. No..

  • Adam

    They are unheard of for a reason!

    Anyone who thinks Rowell is only playing for England because he is from Lewisham isn’t worth listening to!! The kid has ripped teams apart this season.

    Anyone in the know will tell you that it’s Warwick and Vladan who show no interest in the kids they don’t already know about, the national coaches actually have very little power over which “new” players get invited to camps. Warwick and Vladan wernt at the EB/BCS Final Fours – for whatever reason our performance team don’t feel the need to attend the highest level of junior competition in the country because they obviously already know it all!!! This is a major issue, and very did-heartening, there were a lot of players that are not on the depth chart, who should perhaps get an invite to a camp but won’t get the chance now.

    The other thing is the coaches, people sit there with their pen and paper passing judgement on coaches at the inter-regional competitions basing their opinions on a coach working with kids, coaching multiple games in one day, with kids they may have only had for three of four sessions – how is that a fair environment to assess a coaches strengths and areas to develop, and judge whether they should be getting involved with the national teams. Yet, at the academy finals, when coaches are at work with the players they work with every day, noboddy bothers to come and watch!! Maybe this is because all the coaches at this event were established coaches that they already know about? But for me, that’s not a good enough excuse for there to be zero representation from the GB Performance Pathway at an event that was supposed to be the showcase of the best players and coaches in the country…..

    • T


    • jerry

      Are you crazy?! ‘He ripped them apart’ give me a break. He can jump THAT IS ALL. He has no offensive game apart from oops and rebounds, let’s not beat around the bush and portray him as a fantastic player when he is not. Another kid from lewisham ‘Kaiyan’ got invited to england camp, and fair enough the kid has size at about 6’8 but again he cannot play! Tell me why he was invited! Terrel garcia is slow and cannot handle the ball, and is essentially a 6’5 PF and he’s made the squad. As soon as he went to westminster he got on the NT let’s be real

  • John

    Warwick was probably too busy being flown around in first class with his wife, on his GB tab!

    • JJ


  • Appreciative

    Hold up.. Can we just wait a minute.

    This is not Ballislife. This is not Yay Area’s Finest.

    This is Hoopsfix. There is not a whole team of cameramen and video editors who have much higher budgets and much for more time to film hundreds of high school/ tournament games and edit them. Sam is one, who works bloody hard to produce as much as he possibly can. Stop complain and just imagine not having Hoopsfix at all.. Eff that. Sam has limited resources and time, he is based in London, so can’t travel to Glasgow every weekend to film ‘your mates neighbour’ to produce a below average mixtape on someone who realistically will push no higher than BBL. Sam’s work has done masses for the players exposed – put your hands up if you’re from Manchester and would know who Tyrell Isaacs, or Luke Nelson are if it wasn’t for Sam’s hard work at exposing players who deserve it. Sure maybe some players who “deserve it” don’t get exposed, like I said unlike Ballislife there are not teams of camera men. The videos that Sam does are of a fantastic quality and have really progressed individual’s profiles, and dare I say it UK Hoops as a whole. Even if its not videos, all the NCAA Brits get excellent detailed coverage that boosts their profile, especially those less well known who perhaps didn’t play in Junior National teams.

    Its obvious why Sam is mainly focusing on England players so wake up..
    A) because they are ENGLAND PLAYERS FOR A REASON.
    B) these are the players at the HIGH QUALITY EVENTS. – It would be a terrible mixtape if Sam or anyone else rocked up and London Youth Games and produced 6 minutes of fast break lay-ups.

    There are flaws in the England selection process, yes, massive flaws, flaws that evidently do hold back some British hoopers. But don’t come on here and blame it on ‘lack of video coverage’ if you want your mandem from your local club to rack up 10,000 youtube hits, go down to that gym, get clips, edit them and send them to Sam. If they’re genuinely sick, then something will happen about it.. And this does happen, that tape a few weeks ago of Haringey Player breaking a lads ankles WAS NOT HOOPSFIX FILMED

    Be appreciative of what we do have admist all of UK Hoops is problem. At the end of the day there’s one solution for players – work your arse of if you want to get somewhere. Same goes for video producers, and currently no one works as hard and produces as good as stuff as Hoopsfix.

    Truth be told,

    No gas, but thanks massively for the site Sam

  • Fan

    Not sure that either Warwick Cann or Vladan are really doing that much to raise the standards or profile of the game.

    For a so-called High Performance Manager, whose own team in Australia I understand was normally at the lower end of the league in which it played, one has to ask just what exactly are his qualifications to be a High Performance Manager.

    The same might be said for Vladan. Just what ARE his own coaching qualifications and experience.

    I always wonder why so called experts come to this country in the first place. Surely if they are that good, they would be able to find a well paid job in their own country? Basketball is not exactly on a high in this country.

  • John

    They are a joke!

  • Twopointgeezer

    Instead of complaining about Sam not covering your guy, why don’t you grab a camera, film one of his games, edit it, and send it into Sam.. If it’s decent, I’m sure Sam will publish it..

    Honestly, how do you expect one guy to cover the whole of the UK top to bottom?

  • Adam

    Jerry – I’m not crazy, I saw him tear Barking apart, I saw him bully Copleston. There is a lot more to what he can do for a team than just jump. The other kid your talking about is Kavel Bigby-Williams a 6’8 athlete with some serious raw potential to develop into a good player. People seem to miss that part of the junior national teams purpose is to ‘develop’ players. Two years from now, when a GB u20 Kavel could be a beast!

  • dpeti

    Always easy to criticize players,especially if one is not a coach and not objective enough to realise that at these young ages, players are still developing. Sometimes it is almost impossible to realise how young players will develop. There are many players who, when young were not not on the horizon, but a few years later were heavily recruited.

    The players mentioned above certainly have in built talent, but, as is always the case in English basketball so much depends on how good are their coaches in helping to develop his talent – and therein lies the problem.

    The national coaches select players purely on their own criteria and are not in the least concerned whether they come from the North or the South or this team or that team. To suggest otherwise only serves to prove the naivety of those making the suggestion.

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