Calvin Kintu Sick Dime to Josh Steel for the Nice Finish!

Josh Steel Dunk

Check out the best play of the Under-16 National Schools Final today, as Barking Abbey’s Calvin Kintu (’97) drops the sick no look dish to Josh Steel (’97) for the nice two handed dunk!

BA would go on to be St Bonaventure’s comfortably to take the title, with Steel being named MVP as he finished with 21 points and 17 rebounds, whilst Kintu added 20 of his own.

  • T

    What gym is that at?

    • Sam Neter

      Nottingham Basketball Arena; it’s had a paint job!

      • T

        New – only basketball – flooring right?

        • Sam Neter

          If you mean basketball only floor markings, then yeah.

  • hams

    Was this really the best play?

    • spectator

      I was there this kid got way better highlights especially in the semis mad respect especially for guy of his size 5ft6 or 7

    • Sam Neter

      Best play is always subjective of course, but yeah, IMO, from what I filmed, this was.

  • Brad

    Genuine Question:

    Hoopsfix, what procedures do you have in place in terms of Safeguarding? Video taping a school’s event and then posting the tape on the Internet is not without its grey areas…….. How do you go about getting parental consent from every kids you get on film?

    Genuine question, because it only takes one complaint and you are in some pretty hot water…..

    • Sam Neter

      I have a league wide EB media pass during the season and additionally register my details/camera at every EB finals event to ensure I’m approved.

      Like most big events (basketball or non-basketball), by agreeing to play in it, I believe players are consenting to their images being used in photos/video by EB approved photographers/videographers.

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