English Universities Successfully Defend Home Nations Title

The English Universities team successfully defended their Home Nations title last week after another clean sweep through the tournament.

The team, coached by Junior Williams, was led Canterbury Christ Church’s Disraeli Lufadeju who averaged 22 points per game over the three days, and his partner in crime, also originally from Kent, Kalil Irving (University of Worcester) who chipped in 16.6 points per outing.

The rest of the seven man roster was made up of Loughborough’s Will Maynard and John Stewart, University of East London’s Brandon McGill, and Worcester’s Harry Turner and Calvin Morant-Hudson.

It was Northern Ireland’s Jim Mower who was named tournament MVP, averaging 34.6 points a game. The American, who played four years at Lafayette, was unstoppable throughout the tournament, dropping 33 on England, 37 on Scotland and 34 on Wales.


Game 1
England Beat Northern Ireland 103-79
England Scorers: Disreali Lufadeju 23, John Stewart 15, Harry Turner 14, BJ McGill 14, Calvin Morant-Hudson 14, Will Maynard 13, Kalil Irving 10.

Game 2
England Beat Wales 101-47
England Scorers: Disraeli Lufadeju 23, Kalil Irving 19, BJ McGill 17, John Stewart 16 points, 10 rebounds, Harry Turner 14 points & 13 rebounds, Will Maynard 9, Calvin Morant-Hudson 3.

Game 3
England beat Scotland 87-64
England Scorers: Kalil Irving 21 points & 10 rebounds, Disraeli Lufadeju 20, BJ McGill 15, Calvin Morant-Hudson 9 points & 9 rebounds, Harry Turner 9, Will Maynard 7, John Stewart 6.

Player averages:
Disraeli Lufadeju 22ppg, Kalil Irving 16.6ppg, Bj McGill 15.3ppg, John Stewart 12.3ppg, Harry Turner 12.3ppg, Will Maynard 9.3ppg, Calvin Morant-Hudson 8.6ppg

Other results from the Tournament (if you have leading scorers, please get in touch!):

Scotland beat Wales 91-43
Scotland beat Northern Ireland 87-77
Northern Ireland beat Wales 82-58

You can see Scotland & Northern Ireland’s rosters here, and the Welsh roster here.

Lisa Williams’ Women’s England squad matched the men’s success, also defending their title with a clean sweep through the tournament.

  • JB

    Is there gonna be a mix?

    • Nah, unfortunately I couldn’t make it – was in Spain.

  • RIch Wellings

    Why only 7 players?

    • I’m guessing a lot had to do with player availability, I know a lot of teams wouldn’t release players.

      Also, it costs a bit of money, so are guys going to want to pay to go there and not hardly play? Probably easier with less guys.

  • RIch Wellings

    Yeah I suppose it was on a national league weekend that was pretty crucial for a lot of teams play off hopes. Shame though I bet there were a lot of guys who would have loved to have made that team.

    • Uni basketball fan

      It was not on a national league weekend, it was monday to Thursday.

      • I’ve said this already somewhere, but just because it wasn’t on a gameday does not mean it doesn’t clash with team’s preparations for a pretty crucial stretch of the season.

  • Ron

    Seven plays is crap no matter the excuse!!

  • BB

    Agree seven players is a bit off. sure lots of high level players would have loved to have played, even if would have cost them. There are not many chances to take part in such tournaments. . Know of at least two players who enquired via their universities re being involved but were told the “team” was already selected and players had to be at big Wednesday event to be considered (even though two of the team were not.)
    Interesting to know of BUCS view on only seven players, also on why English team listed with national league teams not their universities like the other nations players were. It was a BUCS event after all.

    Anyone know if Sheffield Hallam have played their promotion play off game and if so did they win. would it not be fairer if all league 1 winners were promoted ie two teams relegated from north and south premier leagues. Although I suppose there would still have to be a north promotion play off event if Scottish league 1 winners wanted to play in premier league.

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