DeAndre Jordan BAPTISES Brandon Knight! Dunk of the Year?!

March 11, 2013 6:17 am 1 comment

by Sam Neter

DeAndre Jordan dunks on Brandon Knight

Following on from Blake’s ridiculous dunk of the year candidate last week, DeAndre Jordan may have just one upped him with this one.

Check him out catching the lob from Chris Paul and throwing down this huge facial all over Brandon Knight and subsequently throwing the internet into a frenzy! “RIP Brandon Knight” was trending on Twitter (both DeAndre Jordan and Brandon Knight were trending 4 hours later), some are calling it one of the greatest in game dunks of all time, whilst Blake Griffin called it the dunk of the year and best dunk he’s ever seen in person!

When even the NBA’s offical YouTube account is asking whether it’s the dunk of the year, you know it’s legit!

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  • Simon

    You’ve been knighted!! I love Greg Monroe’s face after it happened.

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