Tyrell Isaacs (’95) & Liam Carpenter (’96) Battle at Moberly! Westminster vs Reading!

Tyrell Isaacs vs Liam Carpenter

There was a battle in the U18 Premier South at the beginning of January, as two England Internationals; 1995 born Tyrell Isaacs (Westminster Warriors) and 1996 born Liam Carpenter (Reading Rockets) went at it.

It was Tyrell and Wesminster who came out on top as he finished with 30 and got the ‘w’, whilst Liam finished with 23.

Also includes a little Dwayne Orija block party at the end! Check it out:

  • Kaan Yavuzel

    We gave these guys a hard time & wer’e nowhere near as rated. They all know my son tho (no 8) word to God! The Turkish side in him is strong :) doing me proud!

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