Terrence Ross Wins 2013 NBA Dunk Contest!

Terrence Ross 2013 NBA Dunk Contest

So, it never quite lived up to the hype. Terrence Ross took the title in what many were expecting to be the best NBA dunk contest of all time, in a comp that saw more misses than the three point shootout!

There were some nice dunks thrown down, but James White and Gerald Green never really got into the competition after failing to make dunks in the allotted time slots. White did make one of his signature free throw line dunks – with two hands, but was judged harshly after taking off a tiny foot in front of the line!

Best thing about the contest may have been Charles Barkley’s commentary.

Check out all of Ross’ dunks:James White’s free throw line dunk:Gerald Green’s sick reverse to open it up:Jeremy Evans showing the ‘art of dunking:Kenneth Faried off the board through the legs:

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