Greek Cup Final Between Olympiacos & Panathinaikos Descends into Chaos!

Greece Cup Final Chaos Flares

Greece Cup Final Chaos FlaresThere were insane scenes at the Greek cup final between Olympiacos & Panathinaikos on Sunday, in an event that looked more like a war zone than a basketball game.

In the footage below you can see player Kyle Hines getting struck by a flare and hitting the deck…and this was before the game even started! Officials expected trouble, so much so that the 12,000 capacity arena saw only 1800 tickets sold; 900 to each team.

It wasn’t long before fans invaded the court, players were sent to the locker room and it appeared the game was to be postponed. But instead, the refs decided it would go ahead – but behind closed doors. Both stands were vacated, and the game was played with no crowd!

Only in Europe, man. Only in Europe. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Panathinaikos won. has the full story.All whilst Neyo plays innocently in the background, lol:

  • Notis

    This morning I was telling to some friends here in the UK that back home it’s the day of the Greek Cup Final and “I’d be surprised if there aren’t any serious fights”, while I gave a 50% chance that it wouldn’t finish. Apparently I was wrong, because even though there were fights (as I had predicted) and that game would have been cancelled in any other country in the world, back home they just decided to go with it, as this situation has become… normal for us, anyway.

    Actually, every single Greek knew what was going to happen days ago and even though the cops were probably more than the fans allowed inside the stadium (only 900 from each team behind each basket in a 10,000 arena, because they KNEW there were going to be fights) they still managed to bring in with them dozens of flares, knives, smoke grenades etc.

    Don’t be scared though. Even if both teams qualify for the Final-4 in London, those same drug addicts and hooligans you saw on the videos, would behave as civilised as young choir boys. Because they know that if they get arrested by the British police, the owners of their teams won’t be able to get them out of trouble within minutes as they do back home every week…

    Aaahh… Times like these I think I may even prefer the British fans, the majority of whom don’t even know how many points a 3pt shot is worth… :-/

    //This weekend, in countries like France and Spain they held their Cup Final-8s. Huge events with fans from all 8 teams in the same arena celebrating basketball and watching their best teams compete with each other (even if they weren’t the last two European Champions like the teams of the Greek Final, I’m sure the quality, especially in Spain, was really high). Needless to say there was not even a hint of a problem…

    //It was also the weekend of the Final of the Serbian Cup where similar incidents occurred. The difference is that, unlike us, the Serbian authorities took the sensible decision and cancelled the game…

  • Roy

    Nearly always trouble when Red Star (Crvena Zvezde) play Partizan. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing !!!!

    Not sure though if “fans” is the correct word for some of the “supporters” of each club.

    The game will probably be played on Tuesday. It is televised on Sport Klub

    • Roy

      The crowd scenes were amazing, (although common between any Red Star/Partizan sporting game) but having been tied at 43 each when the game was cancelled, the remainder of the game was played over 40 minutes today behind closed doors. Red Star won by 9, 78 – 69 ending I believe an 11 year winning streak by Partizan.

      After the game the Partizan coach put the blame for the trouble squarely on Red Star, while the Red Star spokesman blamed the politicians for the Partizan winning streak !!!! (Basketball is extremely political in Serbia but, of course, not in England !!!)

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