Greek Cup Final Between Olympiacos & Panathinaikos Descends into Chaos!

February 10, 2013 22:08 pm 3 comments

by Sam Neter

Greece Cup Final Chaos FlaresThere were insane scenes at the Greek cup final between Olympiacos & Panathinaikos on Sunday, in an event that looked more like a war zone than a basketball game.

In the footage below you can see player Kyle Hines getting struck by a flare and hitting the deck…and this was before the game even started! Officials expected trouble, so much so that the 12,000 capacity arena saw only 1800 tickets sold; 900 to each team.

It wasn’t long before fans invaded the court, players were sent to the locker room and it appeared the game was to be postponed. But instead, the refs decided it would go ahead – but behind closed doors. Both stands were vacated, and the game was played with no crowd!

Only in Europe, man. Only in Europe. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Panathinaikos won. has the full story.All whilst Neyo plays innocently in the background, lol:

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