Vlog: Foot Locker ‘Approved Heat’ Event

Foot Locker Approved Heat

Foot Locker has announced a huge focus on basketball products in the coming month – four straight weeks of premium product releases between the 2nd February and the 2nd March.

The products released during the ‘Approved Heat’ campaign will include over 200 items, over 70 of which are sneakers. To celebrate this, they invited 20 journalists/bloggers from across Europe to a day at the O2 where they showed off their planned releases, kitted us out and put on a media game on the London Live court, got NBA legends in and put on free food and drink!

It was an amazing day – threw together this little vlog to document it!

  • We need more game footage! Want to see that handle!

    • Haha Foot Locker had people filming and are supposedly gonna send through the footage so if I get it and it shows me in a good light I might do something with it lol

  • Tell me, you crossed Greg over and its now on Youtube!

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