How to Get the Best Out of Social Media in Basketball

Basketball and Social Media

Basketball and Social Media
Though Hoopsfix undoubtedly has a focus on the razzle dazzle highlight plays of basketball, an underlying theme for me has always been to grow and help promote basketball in the UK in any way possible.

Having grown Hoopsfix in large part through the use of social media, I am a firm believer in its power and the benefit it can serve to any basketball team or organisation in growing and connecting with their fan base. As a result of this, I thought it would be really cool to get interviews with some of the most knowledgeable social media in basketball experts, picking their brain on strategies and tactics we can all learn from.

At the beginning of the project, I wrote down my ‘dream lineup’ and somehow, much to my surprise, I ended up managing to interview all of them!

The experts interviewed were:

  • David Astramskas, who runs digital marketing company Red Apples Solutions, having worked with the likes of the NBA, ESPN, Sprite, Ballislife, Team Flight Brothers and many more.
  • Peter Robert Casey, the first media credentialed micro-blogger in college basketball history who has worked for as a social media specialist for the likes of the Knicks, 5 star basketball and now Nike.
  • Nicolas Chapart, who works for world governing body FIBA as their Website & Social Media Project Manager.
  • Craig Miller, USA Basketball’s Chief Media/Communications Officer.
  • Melissa Rosenthal Brenner, the NBA’s vice president of marketing, overseeing the brand’s social media business and marketing relationships.

I have compiled all these interviews into one document, an ebook titled ‘Basketball & Social Media – Five Expert Interviews on How to Get the Best Out of Social Media in Basketball‘, which, finally, is ready to be read and shared!

I sincerely hope this ebook is going to help many basketball teams and organisations grow, and give you all ideas on how to best utilise social media to your advantage. Check out the Basketball and Social Media ebook here.

  • Roy

    Fantastic work Sam. Many congratulations

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