Vlog: Nike Western Europe Media Summit – Charles Barkley Interview!

Charles Barkley Nike Western Europe Media Summit

You’re gonna have to bear with me whilst I go through footage from a little while back…this time we’re in July, when I received an invite to the Nike Western Europe Media Summit, which was held here in London.

It was an opportunity for Nike to show off all their latest technologies, including the Nike+ basketball range as well as kits and other performance clothing that would be on display at the London 2012 Olympics. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but when I walked in and saw Charles Barkley and Carl Lewis walk past, I realised it was big!

In this Vlog you can see a little glimpse of what went down, as well the few minutes I got with Charles Barkley (completely unprepared), who, for the record, was the nicest NBA player I have ever met. True gent. Anyway, check it out:

  • Vet

    Love all that you do…but the word is NIKEEEE.
    Keep up the good work.

    • lol my bad, I’ve been corrected on that a few times but I can’t seem to help myself! Next time I’ll make sure it’s Nikey :-)

      • Neil W

        Don’t apologise until americans start to say ‘Adi-das’ rather than ‘A-dee-das’. They even have Beckham saying it in his US ads.

        • Haha, at least I say that one correctly

  • Laurence

    Love the vlogs

    • Thanks, man. Glad you enjoy ’em!

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