Steve Gayle GETS BUCKETS with Rossendale Raptors!


Steve Gayle Rossendale RaptorsTo accompany the article we wrote on Steve Gayle, we thought we’d go through the archives and upload a little footage too. Check out the vet dropping buckets with Rossendale Raptors in the D4 final back in April. He finished with 28 and 10 assists, (21 and 7 in the first half, 16 points in the first quarter).

Gayle averaged 34.8 points, 7.6 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game last season. o_O

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  • DMV’s finest202

    Can y’all please make some better beats please? all sound the same….. add some damn variety for the love of god

    • Sam Neter

      I actually really like the beats, the producers behind them do a great job ( and I have no plans to change them anytime soon.

      Sorry they don’t suit your taste, feel free to use the mute button :-)

  • Twopointgeezer

    I especially liked the beat on this one.

  • Razoky

    Quality video, quality player on and off the court. Hoopsfix – you just keep delivering great work time and time again!