Steve Gayle GETS BUCKETS with Rossendale Raptors!

Steve Gayle Rossendale Raptors

Steve Gayle Rossendale RaptorsTo accompany the article we wrote on Steve Gayle, we thought we’d go through the archives and upload a little footage too. Check out the vet dropping buckets with Rossendale Raptors in the D4 final back in April. He finished with 28 and 10 assists, (21 and 7 in the first half, 16 points in the first quarter).

Gayle averaged 34.8 points, 7.6 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game last season. o_O

  • DMV’s finest202

    Can y’all please make some better beats please? all sound the same….. add some damn variety for the love of god

    • I actually really like the beats, the producers behind them do a great job ( and I have no plans to change them anytime soon.

      Sorry they don’t suit your taste, feel free to use the mute button :-)

  • Twopointgeezer

    I especially liked the beat on this one.

  • Razoky

    Quality video, quality player on and off the court. Hoopsfix – you just keep delivering great work time and time again!

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