NBA Power Rankings – Week 2

By Al Greenan | @algreenan

Welcome to week 2 of the Hoopsfix NBA Power Rankings. The rankings will be posted every week, keeping you up to date with all 30 teams, all season.

The best thing about the NBA is that everyone has their opinion. This is just one opinion, so feel free to start the debate in the comments section below!

(Records correct on 12/11/12)



San Antonio (6-1)
None of this tiring drama stuff ever happens in San Antonio, does it? The scary thing is, the Spurs are spreading their starters’ minutes.



New York (4-0)
The Knicks’ current tactic of not losing any games is working exceptionally well. The only thing keeping them off the top spot is the fact that they’ve still only played 4 games.



Miami (5-2)
The Heat have played some of their best basketball this week and have, at times, looked unplayable. Sunday’s loss to the Grizzlies raises some questions about much you can go ‘small ball’ against some of the bigger, more talented teams out West.



Oklahoma City (5-2)
Since the loss to the Hawks, the Thunder have won 4 straight, and have improved with every game. For the first time in his young career, Serge Ibaka had consecutive 20+ games against the Bulls and Pistons. 



L.A. Clippers (5-2)
It seems unfair on the streaking Clippers for them to be as low as 5, but that’s the shape the league’s in. They play the Heat, Bulls and Spurs this week. This week is their opportunity to make a statement. Oh, and Jamal Crawford has been doing this again.



Memphis (5-1)
The Grizzlies’ defence is the definition of ‘suffocating’. With Zach Randolph back, and Rudy Gay finding some form, they are legitimate contenders for the top spot in the West.



Chicago (4-2)

The Bulls are the kings of the ‘trying to win games until injured star returns’ category. It’s all defence, although Luol has rediscovered his shooting touch.




Things looked very bleak after their 0-3 start, but they’ve really stepped it up. Iguodala has provided much needed perimeter defence. What happened to Wilson Chandler?



Minnesota (4-2)

Chase Budinger’s game-winning open lay-up against the Pacers would not have happened last season. Andrei Kirilenko’s patience and experience really showed there. As Kevin Love’s return edges closer, the Wolves are (in typical Adelman style) finding ways to win.



Slowly but surely, things are getting better for the C’s. Garnett, Rondo and Pierce are ballin’, but they need a lot more support. Jeff Green, that means you.



Dallas (4-4)
You don’t lose to Charlotte and get away with it. The Mavericks had a complete brain-fart against an inspired Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He was only wearing one shoe!



Philadelphia (4-2)
Jrue Holiday is really shining in a Lou Williams-less backcourt. The Sixers find themselves 4-2 with no Bynum, but face tougher opponents in the coming weeks. Much like last year, I expect them to burn out late in the season.



L.A Lakers (3-4)
Pretty quiet week in lala land really. Seriously though, WHAT!? They fired Mike Brown, which is why they are as high 13 on the rankings. Phil Jackson looked a sure thing, but was apparently ‘asking for the moon‘. As a result, the Lakers have hired Mike D’antoni, who will obviously be relishing the chance to work with Steve Nash again and vice-versa. Kobe and Dwight Howard both know D’antoni from Team USA, where they actually run his offence, so the transition should be fairly smooth. The Lakers will need to pick up some shooters. In the mean time, Metta World Peace will shoot too much and everyone will get angry!



Brooklyn (3-2)
The Nets will be wishing they could play the Orlando Magic every week after beating them by a combined 47 points in their two games this week.



Utah (3-4)
I’d like to see Enes Kanter get more minutes. Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap are playing fine offensively, but it would be nice to see more of Kanter and the super-talented Derrick Favours.



New Orleans (3-2)
It’s kind of weird, but it feels like Damian Lillard is getting all the publicity and Anthony Davis is the ‘under the radar’ ROY candidate. You’re never sure what to think when a player is described as ‘NBA ready’, but this guy is going to have a great career.



Atlanta (2-3)
The Hawks had a 2-2 week, and have defended well against bigger teams. Their perimeter defence and lack of offensive consistency is going to make for an up and down season.



Houston (3-3)

‘Beardsanity’ has kind of fizzled out now that James Harden has had to face some elite defenders (Iguodala, Tony Allen). He’s still having some scoring success, but he’s finding out how much of a struggle it can be to play against constant double-teams.



Phoenix (4-4)
In a week where Mike D’Antoni’s defensive coaching has been questioned, you kind of wonder whether the Suns have EVER been good defensively. Maybe D’antoni actually was a good defensive coach! Goran Dragic is at least proving his worth.



Indiana (3-4)
A few of you were confused by Indiana’s low ranking last week, but when you pay your All-Star center max money, you need some kind of production. 8 points and 7 rebounds a game?! That would be a good Thabo Sefolosha game, not a Roy Hibbert game! Aside from that, Danny Granger’s knee is a serious worry.



I just don’t see this being a roster which can go anywhere. The bench is productive defensively, but surely it’s only a matter of time before Eliis or Jennings is traded?



Golden State (3-4)
With no Bogut, the Warriors really struggled defensively against the Lakers and Nuggets; two teams they should be challenging after their respective poor starts to the season.



Whilst Ohio was playing a big part in the re-election of President Obama, Dion Waiters announced his arrival in a big way. His 28 pointers, including 7 threes, downed the Clippers on Monday.



Portland (2-4)
The Blazers are the opposite to the Sixers. They’ve started 2-4 but their best basketball is yet to come. Damian Lillard doesn’t look like he’s going to slow down, and LaMarcus Aldridge is LaMarcus Aldridge.



Charlotte (2-3)
Welcome to the top 25, Charlotte! For the first time in years, there is some kind of cause for optimism. Michael Kidd Gilchrist and Kemba Walker (who had a rough rookie year) are proving to be legitimate threats to any defence.



The one thing which absolutely couldn’t happen, has happened. With Kyle Lowry sidelined, the Raptors are in trouble. It doesn’t help that Andrea Bargnani has stopped playing defence.



I just mis-typed them as ‘Orladno’, which is the most exciting thing which has happened to the Magic this week.



Sacramento (2-5)
I have to be careful what I say here, just in case DeMarcus Cousins hunts me down. A four game road trip (with the first two without Cousins) the last thing the Kings need right now.



Without John Wall and Nene, this team is seriously struggling. They are a team of fighters, but still have huge issues with first half scoring.



Detroit (0-8)
Their 0-7 is enough to condemn the Pistons to the Power Rankings dungeon spot. The last week has been a vast improvement for Greg Monroe, who posted a triple-double against the Kings on Wednesday night.

What do think? Agree/disagree? Let me know in the comments!

  • Coach Gary Maitland

    I’m not even gonna waste my time complaining… before taking another jab at Al, thought I’s better skim it and SURPRISE SURPRISE saw “Denver 3-0 start” clear mistype and misleading the masses as usual… I’m scared I’ll know less about the NBA if I actually read it.

    • Haha…it was just a typo Gary – like your “I’s” :-)

  • Coach Gary Maitland

    I’m not a blogger for a well known website…though it not looking too tough ;)

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