LOL: DeAndre Jordan Farts on People at Venice Beach!

DeAndre Jordan Fart Prank

DeAndre Jordan Fart PrankIn the funniest episode yet of DeAndre Jordan’s NOC prank show, “Got Em”. the LA Clipper brings a fart machine to Venice Beach. Chaos ensues.

  • Stu

    What a legend!

  • Justsaying

    This now constitutes ‘basketball news’?

    • Sam Neter

      No, where did I say it did?

  • Justsaying

    It’s on a basketball news website?

    • Sam Neter

      I’d class it as a basketball website, gives me the freedom to do more stuff. Half the stuff on here doesn’t constitute as “news” in the more traditional sense of the term.

      If you don’t like stuff like this, then just don’t click on it :-)