Jamell Anderson Brings ‘Judgement Day’ on Glasgow! CRAZY Poster!

Jamell Anderson Judgement Day vs Glasgow

I’m putting it out there right now – there’s no-one in the UK that gets as many posters than Loughborough/Leicester Riders’ Jamell Anderson (at least when I’m there anyway).

Decided to make the trek up to Loughborough today for their BUCS Premier North match-up with Glasgow, it was a long way to go for just one game and was wondering whether it would be worth it…it took two possessions to answer that question. Jamell went baseline catching someone lightweight on the second possession of the game and so I figured it would work out.

It was as if the first one was a teaser…on literally the next possession (listen out for someone in the crowd saying “here we go, another one!’ just before he throws down) he came down and planted this one on the helpless defender for what is the dunk of the season so far. It was named ‘Judgement Day’ by the crowd and won’t be forgotten anytime soon…

Oh. my. goodness. Words cannot describe! More video coming soon as Loughborough cruised to a 91-63 win. Jamell finished with 23 points, including 6 or 7 dunks whilst only missing one field goal attempt.

  • Ballin

    Why is this guy not abroad!!

    • Truth

      Some of our best ex youth international players have chosen to stay here in the UK – look who Jamell has playing with him – John Stewart, John Gould, Connor Washington. There are more dotted around the Universities and BBL too just no coverage on here…..

      • It’s ironic that you say there is no coverage of them on a post that is dedicated to one of them…

        Doing all I can and trying to make it so that I can do more, bro.

  • twopointgeezer

    Nice, but bumping the guy after is not cool.

    *Edited for being rude.

  • Honest Guy………..

    What an idiot! Nice dunk but the bump show’s exactly why ‘this guy isn’t abroard’.

    • Don’t think that has anything to do with it to be honest, anyone who knows Jamell knows he is one of the nicest guys around. He just gets a little carried away sometimes lol (note that the dude he bumped is a former teammate…not some random).

  • Ashley Hamilton

    That bump is what British Basketball is missing, we are too nice, was he supposed to offer him cup of tea?

  • Suppose i should say something…

    Lol me and the victim of the chest bump go back… I played with him for two seasons, so say no more on that matter. I’m not over seas for many reasons… One of them is because i enjoy where i am at the minute with the Leicester riders in the BBL and Loughborough University BUCS premier, they look after me really well, i improve all the time under the watchful eye of the coaching staff Rob.P, Mark.J and Drew.S , I’m still studying and would like to finish my degree before considering going elsewhere.. Its a compliment that someone would ask ‘why I’m not abroad’ and i appreciate it honestly. Where i am as a player who has SO MUCH to learn and develop; i consider my current position to be great.

    P.S apologies to anyone who think that parts of this video were too aggressive.


  • twopointgeezer

    Just to be clear, I’m not hating on Jamel as a player at all. Just saying, no need to bump the guy after you just jammed all over him and his family. The dunk said it all by its self.

    And Ashley, don’t be silly. You don’t need to go round bumping and taunting players to be an aggressive attacking player. You do it through your play and let your game do the talking.. No need for all that after the whistle crap, unless someone starts talking crap to you. Then you can go at them.

  • Honest Guy………..

    Dunk on me and I will take everything everyone throws at me – the banter from team-mates, the heckling from the sidelines, the video’s and subsiquent comments on the net……..

    Bump me like this and you just made it personal, you’ve just physically confronted me – the guy he dunks on just takes it and so does his team-mates – thats dissapointing. I don’t care how good you are, how much better than me you are, how much you are beating my team by, bump me or one of my team-mates and there’s a hard foul coming in your direction!

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  • Hood Dogg

    If someone chest bumped me like that I would smash them, that should be a technical foul on Jamell. Secondly I respect Jamells game but as for the rest of his looser team mates getting all excited when the rest of them look garbage and immature as players who probably cant dunk themselves. Jemell makes them look good, go get some game other guys then celebrate like punks!

  • JJ

    Damn Sam, you been going in with the videos as of late. Good job dude, keep it up.

    And as for the dunk, “damn son!”

  • The Firm

    Hood Dogg, just to pull you up on your comment there….who are you to say anything like that about team mates who have racked up around 150 international caps between them…and are killing the Bucs Premier North. Jamell is by no means carrying them through games, he’s not even the leading scorer so check your facts before you come out and make comments that show how stupid you are.

  • The Firm

    also gonna go ahead and pull you up on your spelling of **Loser

  • Ashley Hamilton

    !st… @twopointgeezer, clearly Jamell got carried away a little bit, as the highlights show, he was having his way, understandable. Also it sounds like you have never been in the position Jamell found himself in after completely a play like that, so I’m sure you can’t relate, this too is understandable. Now if I was the ref I would have tech’d him for sure, but if no matter how bad someone got me in the previous play, you are not chest bumping me like that, see what I’m saying about British hoops?

    2nd… Anyone commenting, analyzing or criticizing someone else’s game really shouldn’t hide behind a screen name. Everyone commenting on Jamell, we all know who he is, yet we don’t know who the critics are, are you guys even valid sources? does an anonymous person’s words really carry any weight? who knows? Nothing personal, Im just saying if you can’t put your real name on the comments then maybe you should’t be saying anything at all.

    • Twopointgeezer

      1st.. All I’m saying is that chest bumping a guy after a big play is wrong no matter how you dress it up. It’s just a dick move. Yeah he’s fired up so I’m not saying Jamell is really like that as a personallity, but for that play.. Silly move.. It made him look bad.

      2nd.. I agree that the guy who got chest bumped should have smashed him in his mouth. Well, at least done something. You don’t let anyone no matter how good disrespect you like that. Have some pride.

      3rd.. Questioning me as a valid source? I’m just expressing my opinion. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t value my opionion at all. I don’t think I should have to put my name down to comment about a basketball player either. This guy is actually technically a professional (or if not an aspiring one) so he’d better be able to cope with some criticism. Heck, what I said was nothing.

      You say British basketball is too nice, perhaps, (although chest bumping someone doesn’t change that..), but you seem to be concerned about someone criticising a player slightly. Aren’t you kind of contradicting yourself? Surely Jamell is tough enough to acknowledge he made a bad move and take it on the chin. Well, I expect he is, just seems odd you are getting concerned about me criticising him after you’re preaching about British basketball being too nice..

      There’s a difference between tough, fiery, competitive basketball players who go hard, don’t back down and let their games do the talking, than someone who dunks on someone and spoils it all with a punk move. I expect Jamell is the former, but for that one play, he was the latter.

      • coach z

        Just ignore bro, he aint got no clue what he’s talking about…. it really aint a big deal PERIOD!. You think all NBA playes playing in the league just started up at some cute Y/ Or a pee wee league to play in and they all played nice n buddy buddy ball n stuff? Hell naw! Players will talk smack and try you but you gotta hold your own and respond by just going off on em, not fouling them on the other end like Hood Dogg mentioned. Ol boy Jameel bumped coulda responded but trying to get back Jameel which I can’t see happening. Instead, they want to moan and complain…. ask these cats to travel out to the drew league in LA, Dyckman up at uptown nyc, Goodman League in my hometown DC… People in Britain please stop being the laughing stock of the world when it comes to talking sports especially basketball and now I see why a lot of your guys are leaving the country and play overseas in my country…. If I was y’all, I’d listen to Ashley…. Jameel you aint even gonna apologize…on the court thats how you sposed to play…. wht you expect jameel to say…oh dear me excuse me chap but did i by anychance hurt you? oh blimey trully sorry about that chap… lol..

        • Twopointgeezer

          Whatever. I merely pointed out that it was a dick move, which it was. That’s all. If you all think you have to play like some hood rat to be player, then I feel sorry for you.

          Two of the greatest players in the world today are Durant and Rose. Two of the most humble, controlled, and respectful players you’ll ever meet.

          And I think Jamell might wanna think twice before pulling that down at Dyckman or Drew.

          • Twopointgeezer

            Heck, just look at our very own Luol Deng.

          • coach z

            HAHAHAHAHA! So you met KD and Westbrook before? LMAO!! well what a coincidence cuz Kevin Durant is from my hometown DC (which was the former murder cap in the world.) I know him real well and good friends with his 2 brothers, sis and his parents. …Kevin Durant grew up in the DC area called Suitland and they ain’t no cupcakes there, I coached him when him n, Ty Lawson, Mike Beasley, Nolan Smith when they were all playing for top AAU programs (If y’all brits have ever heared of AAU before) for the DC Blue Devils and D.C Assault…every rec league, summer leagues in DC, you gotta come up in there and play tough or you’ll get eaten alive and were known for playing prison style basketball. They’ll talk trash to you, they’ll play dirty, and u just gotta ride through it and be tough….. And only the strong survive…He took that mental toughness with him to Oak Hill, Montrose Christian, then learnt how to control it at Texas, and flourished in the NBA. Now with tht hoodrat (as y’all brits call it.) style of play… we were able to produce guys like Ty Lawson, Mike Beasly, Nolan Smith, Josh Selby, Sam Young, Jeff Green, Roger Mason Jr, Kevin Durant, Delonte West, Dante Cunningham, Keith Bogans, Grevis Vasquez, Rudy Gay, Carmelo Anthony, Grant Hill all from the 202…..

            Besides, aint Luol Deng like really African? and never went to school in the UK? last i was told….? Didnt his fam brought him over here at like 13 to play ball over here stateside. He aint play at no leagues in the UK then get picked up by the NBA. Its funny cuz how can you claim somebody who never honed their talents on your soil?

            Point I’m trying to make is yes even though jameel shoulda got a tech, but this ain’t a big deal plus how many players have the UK produced from their own soil active NBA Players with the way you think the game of basketball should be played?……….. Tough question huh chap?

            • JC

              Oh dear, I’m done. LOL.

  • Hood Dogg

    Who cares what someone is doing in BUCS, BUCS is garbage compared to Europe and wouldn’t even be as good as NCAA division 3!! Who really cares about BUCS seriously !!?

    • The 5000 people in 3 days who have watched the video obviously care…if you don’t like it – don’t watch it.

  • sam g

    go back to your kennel pal. Big play, good young English player.

  • Honest Guy………..

    Great play – not doubt……… MONSTER PLAY!

    And i think we have established that the bump was not the brightest thing to do!

  • Adam

    Click on the 1990 player rankings and click on Jamell Anderson. There is more video of him dunking on someone and then shoving them – it seems this is a habit, not a one off!

    I have no issue with the second one, before I get called on it – dunking on a guy and throwing them a bit of a stare down is just a statement. But the blatant shove on the first dunk is totally out of line.

    Hoopsfix – great job in not only promoting what a talent this kid is but also what a complete jerk he is!

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