Are Loughborough Uni The Real Deal?! Highlights vs Glasgow

Loughborough University Basketball Team

Loughborough University Basketball TeamLast season was the first year the controversial BUCS format changes came into play, and despite the magnitude of the changes there was only one team who really suffered; Loughborough.

It just so happened that at the beginning of last season Loughborough had a really strong recruiting class and had formed links with the BBL’s Leicester Riders to build a credible basketball programme. For years Loughborough has been the top sporting institution in the country, but in recent memory, a legitimate basketball team has always alluded them. Yes, there have been Final 8 appearances, but legitimate title contenders? No.

The addition of GB and England internationals Jamell Anderson, John Stewart, Connor Washington and John Gould, amongst other critical pieces, led to them storming through the 2011-12 season, going undefeated in the Midlands 1A league, finishing 10-0 whilst blowing out teams by an average of 36 points.

Any other year, this would have resulted in them making the final 16 and facing off against a top seed from the Northern Premier – and should they have beaten them (which wouldn’t have been easy, but not out of the question) they would have been in the Final 8s in Sheffield with a shot at the chip.

But it was not to be – instead they had to settle for winning the Trophy, and have to wait another year for a shot at the title.

That brings us to now, where six games in to the 2012-13 season they stand at 5-1, with their only loss coming at the hands of Durham. They are looking like legitimate title contenders. Check out a look at their team with highlights from their game against Glasgow last week:What do you think? Who are you favourites for the BUCS title?

  • Ryan P

    canterbury christ church university…..

  • L

    Any Loughborough players playing bbl with Leicester?

  • Honest Guy………..

    Yes they look very good – a who’s who of kids that have come back from the States! I think this is great for University Basketball.

    BUT……….. Sam – How do you chose which league’s you focus your attention on and which games you decide to go and see?

    The EB/BCS U19 Elite League is effectivly a league for the AASE academies and also an excellent standard of basketball for this country and it never seems to get a look in?

    • A who’s who of kids that have come back from the states? The only one on there I know of is Connor Washington…

      Most games I go and see will be teams featuring top players, there’s no distinct method or anything but I think it’s clear I don’t get up North a lot or very far out of London just because the cost of travel is so excessive. I’ll keep an eye on most leagues, if a story/player pops up I’ll try get to a couple games.

      I’ve been to 2 or 3 EB/BCS U19 Elite League games this season and I totally disagree with you about the standard – I thought it was terrible. I watched Barking Abbey destroy teams.

      They seem to be letting teams in now with very little qualification criteria, defeating the whole point of creating the ‘Elite’ league in the first place.

      There are a few good teams, who all storm through their leagues, and after that the drop off seems to be huge (the Final Fours is decent, the regular season is a whole lot of blow outs). Just look at the points difference of the top teams in each group this season – it’s ridiculous. Surely the whole point of an “elite” league would be for just the best teams – take the top two teams in each group and make it an elite 8 team league. Right now, with 35 teams competing it’s hardly elite.

      I have actually had articles go up about the Final Four both years it has been running, so to say it doesn’t get a look in isn’t true:



      I should be at the Final 4s this year – I would’ve been at em last two years filming if it wasn’t for the fact they were on a weekday (I had a day job) and I also remember the location last year having terrible public transport links (I don’t have a car, so things get pricey/extremely long).

  • Tom

    Will Maynard was in the States and came back…….

    I can only speak of the South Division Three but it’s safe to say that the standard of Barking Abbey, Harris and Ipswich is very high for this league – Hackney and County Upper are also very good teams. Very few of the best teams have played each other in this division yet so while I agree with you about the blow-outs and lower level teams being allowed in, I would suggest looking at the fixture list and going to watch the right games and not just watching Barking Abbey.

    Harris have the likes of Rowell Graham, Dwayne Orija and Tyrell Isaacs playing for them while Ipswich have Dylan Johns, Ben Mead and Joel Keeble so when these guys match up it should be a high standard……

    • Fair enough, Will makes it two players on a squad of 12 which is hardly a ‘who’s who of kids who have come back from the states’ as “Honest Guy…” said.

      Yeah the teams you mentioned are the teams that *should* be in an ‘elite’ league. What has ended up happening is just completely defeating the object of an elite league IMO.

      Does Tyrell play for Harris now as well?! I thought he was at Hammersmith?

  • hood dogg back at ya

    BUCS Garbage again, that guy with the side shot has the weirdest shot form I ever seen, what aload of rubbish, and hes our next big thing someone playing in BUCS? yeah right dream on brit fans, all our players come from abroad.

  • Open mic

    This is a perfect example of not very big fish in a small pond. Would love to see some bball in this video instead of terrible shots and wide open dunks where defence seems non existent. It’s sad to watch what happens to players when the pond is so small…

  • Roy

    Interesting comments above, but I really think one has to face reality.

    Sam has mentioned that, in his opinion, the standard was terrible. I admit that I have not seen too many junior games over last season, but what I did see was pretty much abysmal as far as playing standard was concerned.

    If one looks at results, these too would indicate the present state of junior basketball.

    It is all very well suggesting that this team or that team, or this player or that player, is very good as compared to another team or player(s), but of course this does not take into account that ALL the leagues, at both juniort and senior level are very poor- both in standard and, above all, organization.

    I have seen at least one junior Spanish team that could compete in the BBL. I am not at all suggesting it would win the league, far from it (probably), but it could most certainly give a good account of itself.

    That this might be the case does nothing for the reputation of the BBL and, by inference, says so much about junior basketball.

    Until we can start to compare the standard of English junior basketball to that of its European peers, one has to be very careful when suggesting how good is a particular player and must always be referenced to the standard of the league in which he plays.

    Rose coloured glasses do nothing to help raise the standard of the sport.

    It is a fairly simple matter of course to organize and administer a junior league that encourages meritocracy, it is certainly not rocket science!!!!!!!!!!!!

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