The Return of D Rose: Episode 4 – ‘Push’

D Rose The Return Episode 4

D Rose The Return Episode 4
As the D. Rose 3 officially launches and Derrick celebrates his 24th birthday, today, adidas and D Rose continue to share “The Return of D Rose” series with Episode 4: “Push.” (if you missed them, catch episode 1, episode 2, episode 3)

In his own words, D Rose shares his innermost thoughts on his strenuous recovery training, returning to his hometown of Chicago and filming the “Wake Up” adidas commercial that debuted last week. “Push” is inspired by Derrick’s desire to approach his recovery and his life with unmatched intensity to meet his ultimate goals – to be great and win championships.

Fans across the world joined “The Return of D Rose” conversation since it began on August 15, and some of the most inspiring comments are featured during the end credits. adidas will continue to reward loyal D Rose fans who join the conversation through the adidas Basketball Facebook Page, and on Twitter with #TheReturn  @adidasHoops. The D Rose 3 basketball shoe and D Rose collection is available now at, Foot Locker and Eastbay.
Video Transcript:

Derrick Rose, point guard, Chicago Bulls:
“I try to bring everything down as simple as possible.

When I’m working out I always say if it’s painful, see how long you can go through it because a normal person would stop right when they feel pain. I try to see how long I can go through it because I try to make myself different than other people.

I’m good right now I started running – that was my first time running. And I’m just trying to get healthy – that’s my biggest thing get my body together, rebuilding my whole body, and just have a lot of confidence in myself and see where it takes me.

Coming back to Chicago…everybody from Chicago know that you can’t be gone for too long. It seem like you be frantic to come back here. Being around my friends, family, fans – it feels good. I’m just blessed that I’m from here.

My new commercial for the Rose 3, it’s a commercial where the whole concept of the commercial is me coming back. I think it’s going to, like, touch the city and touch my fans everywhere. It’s for the city of Chicago I know that she’ll love it. I’m anxious actually just to see how everybody takes it in. It felt unreal man, just walking out there shaking everybody hand it felt like an actual game.

I’m working out I’m back on the court I’m never stopping man that’s why I think me and adidas became partners. They’re trying to grow, I’m trying to grow as a player and we’re never satisfied. We’re always trying to improve. I can practice all day scrimmage with the guys or whatever but it’s not going to be the same until I step on that court again.

Always trying to do something to get further.”

Brenda Rose, Mother of Derrick Rose:

“It’s the same way he did when he was in high school. After school he practiced then he went to the gym. This is what he want this is the life he choose. And if you want it you have to work hard to keep it and keep on going with it. So I believe he will come back and when he do, I’m going to be at the Bulls center cheering for my baby.”

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