Bruce Bowen Reader Q & A!

Bruce Bowen at NBA House

Bruce Bowen at NBA House
Last weekend, former San Antonio Spurs Bruce Bowen was on NBA ambassador duties in Europe. On our Facebook and Twitter we asked you to send through your questions for him – check out our reader Q & A below!

If you could change the NBA in any way, how would you change it?
-Larry Mills

Bruce Bowen (BB):I would change the age. It should be required that the players go to college at least 2 years before entering NBA. That would help them to avoid some mistakes, learn responsibility. It is hard to arrive suddenly in the adult world when you still have a child mentality.

Who was the toughest player you ever had to guard?
-Greg Pike

BB: Michael Jordan.

What’s been your inspiration and drive throughout your time playing basketball (high school to the NBA)?
-Elmi Awil

BB: To always understand that there is an opportunity to get better. But also to always think that if I am not working in improving someone else is.

Besides effort, what are the keys to containing great player/ your drills to get better defensively?
-Amir Boucenna

BB: To always pay attention to details by studying film, listening the coach game plan…

Who’s the best on ball perimeter defender in the league today?
-Michael Nketsiah

BB: I don’t know the best but I like Iman Shumpert.

Which team and player did you enjoy playing/guarding the most?
-George Crudgington

BB: The Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

Bruce Bowen San Antonio SpursWhat stands out to you most in your career? Anything you wish you could relive/ change?
– Jonny Low

BB: I have no regrets to my career. From all the mistakes a made in my early career they helped me to get better and improve in my late career. I would not change anything.

What was the most important thing you learnt as a junior basketball player?
-Ken Masser

BB: I understand that as a basketball player in college. I would say fundamentals because without it I would not be able to adapt to NBA.

How has European basketball grown/changed since you played in France during 90’s?
-Ash Read (@ashread14)

The exposure with the NBA enabled European basketball to improve. Today, European athletes have a greater impact on the actual game (For example the brothers Gasol, Parker, Manu Ginobili…)

In game or practice situation how did you get past people thinking you were a dirty player?
-Alex Finn (@finnie_boy)

It’s just their opinion. It did not affect my team, my coach and me.

What are you planning on doing now that your playing days are over?
-Christian Dapp

I work for ESPN as a NBA commentator and I am an ambassador of NBA.

In your opinion, who is the greatest NBA player of all time? Excluding MJ.
-James Howard

Bill Russell.

Who/What made you decide you were going to focus your game around defense.
-Ryan Palmer

I didn’t come in thinking defense but defense was a way to me to get in the court. So as I learnt that I used the best of my ability.

Image Credits: NBAE/Getty Images.

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