Dave Hopla Sets New World Record For Threes!

Dave Hopla World Record Three Pointers

Dave Hopla World Record Three PointersDave Hopla is considered by many to be the best shooter in the world.

A shooting instructor and motivational speaker, just last week Hopla had his first perfect lecture of the summer (237th ever!) as he went 413/413 in one session!

Dave set what is claimed to be a new world record a couple of weeks back, when he went 18/18 from NBA range (23’9″) in 1 minute, with 1 ball and 1 passer. Pretty impressive – check it out, shows you what is possible with hard work:

  • twopointgeezer

    Hopla used to play pro in Ireland.

    As for being the best shooter in the world.. give me Allen, Dirk, Durant etc!..

  • dpeti

    Anyone notice the passing technique of the guy rebounding?

    Just a thought

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