Dave Hopla Sets New World Record For Threes!


Dave Hopla World Record Three PointersDave Hopla is considered by many to be the best shooter in the world.

A shooting instructor and motivational speaker, just last week Hopla had his first perfect lecture of the summer (237th ever!) as he went 413/413 in one session!

Dave set what is claimed to be a new world record a couple of weeks back, when he went 18/18 from NBA range (23’9″) in 1 minute, with 1 ball and 1 passer. Pretty impressive – check it out, shows you what is possible with hard work:

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  • twopointgeezer

    Hopla used to play pro in Ireland.

    As for being the best shooter in the world.. give me Allen, Dirk, Durant etc!..

  • dpeti

    Anyone notice the passing technique of the guy rebounding?

    Just a thought