Lithuania vs Great Britain – FULL GAME

Great Britain vs Lithuania in Houston

Great Britain vs Lithuania in Houston
For those that didn’t get a chance to catch Lithuania vs Great Britain on the live stream at 2:30 in the morning last night, it would appear as though Lithuania’s version of iPlayer has put it online!

*Edit – it has also now appeared on Youtube:

Split into each quarter, find the links below (obviously, it is in Lithuanian):

Lithuania vs Great Britain 1st Quarter (Skip to 5 mins 40 secs in for the start of the game to avoid the ads)
Lithuania vs Great Britain 2nd Quarter
Lithuania vs Great Britain 3rd Quarter
Lithuania vs Great Britain 4th Quarter

We have no idea how long it will remain available for, so if you wanna watch it we advise you do so ASAP! Come back here when you’re done and let us know your thoughts on the game!

  • Josh WIlson

    I thought that Lithuania are supposed to be good, I saw nothing outstanding in the game to be honest. It was close and I think GB should have one it, just had to tighten up the D on final few minutes.

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