Video: Devon Van Oostrum Catches Defender on the Break!

Over in Spain, Devon van Oostrum’s Tarragona is currently in a LEB Gold relegation battle with Clinicas Rincon, the team that 1995 born Mo Soluade is representing. Best of 5 series, winner stays up, loser goes down. Tarragona took a 2-0 lead on Sunday (DVO has registered 16 and 10 points respectively, whilst Mo played 16 minutes, finishing with 5 points 2 rebounds and 1 assist in game 1, and saw good minutes despite being sick in game 2), and this right here is the dunk that everyone is talking about!

DVO gets out on the break and takes off to plant a nasty one hander on the defender who tries to block it – he obviously hadn’t seen what Devon did last summer.

(P.S. There is not an error with the sound, that is just how freakin’ crazy loud the crowd was!)

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