Great Britain Futures Team Announced

GB Futures announced

GB Futures announced
British Basketball has today announced this year’s GB Futures roster, who will be coached by Senior men’s assistant Paul Mokeski.

Unlike previous years, the team will feature a number of players who have already featured in the Senior men’s squad, including starter Ogo Adegboye, as well as Andrew Lawrence, Kyle Johnson and Devon van Oostrum, who were all on last summer’s Eurobasket roster.

Of the 12 man squad, 7 have attended senior men’s training camp before.

Coach Mokeski commented:

“I am excited and honoured to be the head coach of the GB Futures team. This will be my third year with the GB program and the experience has been very rewarding.

“The Futures programme is very important in the development of young players and gets them ready for the transition into the senior squads. This year the Futures program is the beginning of our preparation for the Olympics in London this summer.”

The team will play a three game series against Lithuania’s Under-23 side at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford from June 7-9. The game on Saturday 9 June is open to the public and will tip off at 7pm while Thursday and Fridays games are closed to the public

Great Britain Futures Roster

Ogo Adegboye
Matthew Bryan-Amaning
Ashley Hamilton
Myles Hesson
Kyle Johnson
Andrew Lawrence
Ben Mockford
Patrick Nyeko
Devon van Oostrum
Ryan Richards
Ovie Soko
Shane Walker

Additional training squad members:
Colin Sing
Jamell Anderson
Zach Gachette

What you think of the team? 

  • Brock

    I would really like to know what the likes of Tyrone Treasure and Greg Streete have done not to even be considered or mentioned when it comes to England or future GB squads, they have been two of the top two performing British players for a number of years now, or is it because they decided to stay in the UK they don’t get a look ??

    • Jordan

      4 guys of those 15 play in the UK in the BBL

  • J

    There are guys there who play top division ball in Turkey, Greece Cyprus and high college D1 so thats probably why. They did get a look in at U18-20s.

  • Edi

    I know what you mean Brock – Greg & Ty should be there or thereabouts I’m sure…

    I am pleased though that my boy Jamell is in the training squad – such a nice guy and an absolute BEAST!

  • Jim

    I would love to watch this team, exciting!

  • Matt

    Only 1 of the actual roster plays in the BBL.. Hesson has had a great year and well deserved. Can’t wait to see the day when we can retain and develop our young British players in our domestic league!

    What’s the situation with Devan Bailey? Would expect to see him on this list?

  • chris scruton

    I like the look of this team, very talented! Not too sure why there is no Justin Robinson, but he still has time on his side. The most interesting positions that certainly need to be looked at is the 3 spot. After Deng we have no fire power, and with no disrespect to Sulli, i don’t think he’ll see much court time at the olympics. Who is our next big hope at this position, which potentially is becoming just as big a problem as the guards. Is it Soko?

  • Geeza

    Leigh Greenan? There surely has to be a place for a seven footer with such a huge frame??

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  • Josh

    Did anyone watch the Nike Hoop Summit? The world team embarressed the americans… most of the world team play professionaly at 18 in europe / china and a couple were 17 and going to Div 1 colleges? and we would like EBL Div 1 players to play International U23 basketball??

  • J

    Co-sign Josh! Devan bailey was a below average player in the bbl (no dis) and there are players who play at higher levels and are good at those levels but he works hard and should be back in the fold next season. Greg and Ty aren’t even there abouts with this group in the actual squad, they play ebl1 and don’t even dominate that level, then look at DVO he plays in the spanish 2nd div and was on the roster for a euroleague team in the spanish playoffs, then MBA he was the leader in blocks/steals in the Turkish league (2nd best league in europe), then the other guards after DVO, ogo had a good season in cyprus and Ben mockford was a double digit scorer at a good D1 school and he is lights out from 3. You have to be realistic there was no place for Greg or Ty in this team.

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  • Gottostaythisway

    SO ONCE AGAIN< NO NEWS OF GB UNDER 20's – is all the secrecy really necessary? When's the camp? Who's going?

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