Initial 30-Player England U16 Squad Named

England Basketball has today announced an intial squad of thirty players to be invited to the first England Under-16 camp on October 27 & 28 at Filton College, Bristol.

The team will be coached by newly appointed head coach Andreas Kapoulas as they prepare for their first season in Division A in next year’s European Championships.

Head of Performance Warwick Cann commented:

“The U16 programme in preparation for Division A competition next summer, commences in October half-term. It will be the start of a lot of hard work which will require all squad players to do additional work away from club and National commitments to ensure that we are up to standard.”

The initial Under-16 squad, which features a number of players from east London club NASSA, is as follows:

Toluwaloju Awojobi, Reading Rockets
Marko Backovic, City of Sheffield
Emanuel Burton, Northampton Nets
Liam Carpenter, Medway Park Crusaders
Laurie Costello, Gloucester Blazers
David Couchman, Medway Park Crusaders
Harry Cox, Solent Kestrels
Thomas Elliott-Smith, Plymouth Marjon
Charlie Fitch, Cambridge Cats
Nathan Flynn, Worthing Thunder
Ricardo Guddemi, Hemel Storm
Sedale Hanson-Young, Birmingham A’s
Emmanuel Inwang, Bradford Dragons
Elliott James, Solent Kestrels
Calvin Kintu, NASSA
Myles Laurent-Smart, NASSA
Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye, NASSA
Callum Lawson, Coventry Crusaders
Benjamin Maranan, NASSA
Jamie Moroney, Hertfordshire Warriors
Joe Junior Mvuezolo, NASSA
Earl Russell, Warrington Jets
Tyler Russell, Medway Park Crusaders
Benedict Seipt, Guildford Heat
Joshua Steel, BA Leopards
Joseph Swindells, Manchester Magic
Laurence Watsham, Ipswich
Marcus Welsh, City of Sheffield
Patrick Whelan, Manchester Magic
Kwame Yeboah, Brentwood Fire

What do you think of the initial squad? Who is likely to star? Anyone missing?

  • luke

    I think Jonathan James from nassa is missing I think he scored 21 points in the final and 8 assits but anyway he is a good player

    • Coach Mac

      Maybe, how did you get the assists stats number? Stats were not done at the u15s Inter-Regional tournament including the final…???

      • Luke

        We were writing the stats down on down on a few players. And he was number 11 he managed to play combo guard which also adds to his extras.

  • C.Watts

    Josh steel and Charlie Fitch are my boys! Hope they go far

  • Steve Jones

    Size over talent yet again for the England select.

    • JoeyVersa

      So, so true…

  • WatsTheAgenda

    Yh my mans Josh Steel…ball with him out in Harlow & i couldn’t believe his age when i found out!

  • JJ

    @steve jones size over talent again yh
    Kayne King, Joey Barra, Laurence Owen?

    • RJ

      Joey Barra should deffo be in this

      • William

        All this 3 for sure – Laurence Owen, Kayne King, and Joey Barra

        • William

          all those 3 are looking strong for their teams this season

  • Chris

    Yep, thank you for realising that there’s some great players out there that deserve a chance they need to keep the england roosters fresh.

  • Jerry Hickson

    Looking forward to see how Emanuel Burton gets on, young boy who grew up in america.

  • bryan

    Emanuel Burton that’s my boy!!!

  • Moraoy

    You cant teach size… You need to a tall to to do well in Europe!

  • Ericky Asmah

    Kwame Yeboah is my favorite player.

  • observer

    i think Umar Siddique should be there a very talented and hard working player who has been dominating his league in points this season.

  • rob mitchell

    No surprises for me. Strong squad.

  • james edwards

    it says 7 of the boys selected play for NASSA, but riccardo guddemi plays for hemel storm and josh steel plays for BA london leopards div 4 senior team.

    • Good lookin’ out, edited. I assumed the EB press release would be correct…must stop doing that!

  • Steve Jones

    JJ, Yes i agree Kayne King is a good player and am suprised he has never got in. Been playing against him for the last 3 years (Sharks/Danum). Had a good game with Danum Eagles last week, who also have 2 potential players, Liam & George. Both tall and both can hit the 3. George made it to the talent camp last year i believe, along with my son.

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  • james

    David coachman, 6’8 and got mad game inside and out with amazing shooting ability from the arc

  • C.Mason

    Callum Lawson is an extremely talented player, hes going to go far

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