Video: Devon Van Oostrum POSTERIZES Danish Big

July 3, 2011 21:12 pm 15 comments

by Sam Neter

Is there anything this kid can’t do?! Devon Van Oostrum goes coast to coast and PLANTS one on the 6’10 Danish center today as the GB U20s got past Denmark for another ‘W’ in their warmups for the Europeans.

Wow, wow, wow. Biggest dunk I’ve caught on tape this year. Sheeeeesh.

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  • gb06


  • voise15

    ha ha Duco like

  • iDrawWithLight

    Beast mode!

  • mike hud

    Dammm, tht was nice.

  • Tom

    the guys head hit the back board. deep times

  • tricky

    Holy Santa Clause Shit

  • Petedeppischfanclub

    Finally the UK has produced a legit guard prospect. This kid is something else,

  • dpeti

    A dunk just scores 2 points, but it is always exciting to see dunks like this one in a game.

    Devon has a lot of talent and a great amount of latent talent that will come more to the fore in future as he gets older. Where he really excels is in his obvious desire, passion, and pride to become the best that he can and that he is prepared to “do whatever it takes” to achieve his goals.

    It is most unfortunate that there are so few players in junior basketball that possess the same qualities. If there were, then maybe we would do really well at international level.

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  • london thing

    wow this is 100% pure POSTERIZE good job hoopsfix.

  • Charlie Blackman

    loool he got gassedddd!

  • jamie glen

    Devon got bounce. Go get em young boy, i see you killin against netherlands. Duco is a legand

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