Beatsfix: RéY, Josh Osho, Ms Dynamite & Maverick Sabre

Yes yes.

So it’s been a quick couple of months since the last Beatsfix and I finally felt it time to break out another update. The pace things move on the internet these days, taking two months out of the ‘blogging’ game is as good as retiring at your peak, going to play baseball for a couple years and then making a comeback wearing the 4-5. In other words, 8 weeks in the real world is like 8 months in the internet world. But I’m gonna jump back on this regardless.

Taking into consideration a few polite requests I’ve received in the past I’m gonna shine a spotlight solely on the UK this week. Mainly cos there’s plenty of big tunes around at the moment but also to prove (to myself?) that I’m into more than just LA hip-hop. Seriously though, did you see Kendrick Lamar’s new video?! Wow. OK, back to the topic…

RéY – BI(po)LAR pt2


First up is a rapper that, unless you’ve seen my twitter timeline recently, I’m betting you’ve never heard of. Well, it’s time to change that my friend. RéY is your new favourite rapper. I dare you not to be impressed by this man*. The debut track from the Londoner is BI(po)LAR pt2 and it is PURE THEME MUSIC. Cap locks so necessary. Just press play and listen (free download here).

BI(po)LAR pt2 by RéY

Seeing as I don’t really think it fair to make another rapper follow on from RéY’s track (I’m kidding. Or am I?) I feel to give some shine to some crazy talented singers instead. All three of these songs are baaaaaad.

Josh Osho – Redemption Days

Josh Osho

Newcomer Josh Osho got the immortal hip-hop co-sign with a Ghostface Killah guest verse on his debut release Redemption Days. Another epic song with a mood matching the aforementioned RéY song. More powerful-must-check music.

Ms Dynamite – Neva Soft (Produced by Labrinth)

Ms Dynamite

Ms. Dynamite hooks up with Hackney wonder kid Labrinth to create a perfect comeback single, Neva Soft, from the legendary vocalist. Lab kills it on the boards and Ms. D smashes the rest. This song should be massive.

Maverick Sabre – Let Me Go

Maverick Sabre

Another singer who’s been getting more than a little bit of shine on the circuit is Maverick Sabre. His new track Let Me Go is a knocker and a nice switch up in terms of the type of beat I’m used to hearing him on. Great look. Apparently a Vegas shot video will be appearing on our screens shortly.

So that’s it for this week. Hopefully I won’t be such a stranger next time. Oh yeah, and if you’ve got any comments then fire away. Always up for a quick and back and forth when it comes to chopping it up about the latest music. Shout me.

*DISCLAIMER: OK I’m biased. And what? Try and tell me the song’s not haaaaard.

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